Activities and their Leaders

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The SPI and its members promote several activities to further the philosophy of information and to offer a collection of useful resources to its scholars. Each member of the society can participate to the activities, discuss about their organisation, propose new activities and be elected to lead them. The following is a list of our activities, both supported and planned.

Planned activities
SPI-sponsored sessions at international conferences
A repository of teaching resources
Bibliographic resources on the philosophy of information
Edited volumes on the philosophy of information
Book-reviews and book-symposia



A leader is nominated among the members of the Society for each activity of the SPI. Feel free to contact them with comments and suggestions about the SPI activities.

SPI Website Content

Federica Russo
Department of Philosophy
Universiteit van Amsterdam

SPI Introduction to Philosophy of Information (ebook)

Phyllis McKay Illari
Science and Technology Studies
University College London

SPI Workshops and Conference Liasons

Nir Fresco
Sidney M. Edelstein Centre for History & Philosophy of Science, Technology & Medicine
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

SPI Teaching Resources

Orlin Vakarelov
Department of Philosophy
Duke University

SPI Website Content

Giuseppe Primiero
Department of Computer Science
Middlesex University, London


Bibliographic Resources and Analytics

Simon D'Alfonso


Editorial Projects

Andrew Iliadis
Brian Lamb School of Communication
Purdue University