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This issue contains three papers that may be of interest for philosophers of information. Authors are Gobbo & Benini, Gamez and Castelfranchi. Have a look at the permalink of Topoi at Springer.

"The Ethics of Information Warfare" (Floridi & Taddeo) is now available as an e-book from Spriner website.

With the move of Logique et Analyse to a partial open access publication-policy, the 2006 special issue on Logic and the Philosophy of Information edited by Luciano Floridi and Patrick Allo is now freely accessible (free account required).


We offer a formal treatment of the semantics of both complete and incomplete mistrustful or distrustful information transmissions. The semantics of such relations is analysed in view of rules that define the behaviour of a receiving agent. We justify this approach in view of human agent communications and secure system design. We further specify some properties of such relations.


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