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I just became aware of 

Vermeersch, Etienne (1963). Information and Philosophy. Philosophica 1.

Freely available here

a very early attempt to analyse "information" philosophically. There are further references to earlier literature as well, mainly in cybernetic-oriented contexts. All interesting from a historical perspective on the origin of PI.

Online First: L.Floridi, Information Quality, Editor Letter, freely available at

The Onlife Manifesto (full text) Digital Agenda for Europe - European Commission

The Philosophy of Data, by David Brooks, NY Times

Online Articles: P&T Special issue on History and Philosophy of Computing

Philosophy & Technology will host this year a special issue on History and Philosophy of Computing (G.Primiero, L. De Mol eds.). Three of the articles forthcoming in this issue are already available as Online First:

Book: The Government Machine: A revolutionary history of the computer, by Jon Agar

I have been reading this book by a colleague at UCL, a historian of technology.  It examines the interrelationship between thinking about technology, and the development of the computer, and the organization and reorganization of the UK civil service.  It's a pretty illuminating way of thinking about both issues.  Might be of interest to other philosophers of information.

New article

"Distributed Morality in an Information Society", forthcoming in Science and Engineering Ethics,


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