CfP: Turing in Context II

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This meeting is the second Turing in Context event during the 2012 Turing centennial. The first was held at King's College, Cambridge, 18-19 February 2012. It was an outreach event for the general academic public with invited speakers only. Turing in Context II is a research meeting meant for experts in the fields touched by Turing's contributions to science.

With "Turing in context II" we aim at gaining a better and deeper understanding of Turing's work and legacy by bringing together historians, philosophers, logicians and computer scientists who work on topics that are relevant to one of the many fields Turing has contributed to. The focus of this meeting is thus not Turing's work per se, but rather the work of others before, during and after Turing's life up to today which is directly relevant to understanding Turing's work now and then.

TOPICS of the meeting include but are not restricted to:

history and theory of symbolic and physical machines

human and artificial intelligence

logic, computability and complexity

We cordially invite contributions in all fields relating to the work and legacy of Alan Turing, both current research continuing Turing's ideas, and historical and philosophical reflections on them. Researchers from areas that Turing worked in but are not listed above, such as pattern formation and cryptography are explicitly encouraged to submit as well.

Submissions should be 200-500 words abstracts and should be submitted to EasyChair via the following link:

Authors of accepted papers will later be invited to send an extended abstract (max. 6 pages) to be reviewed by the programme committee for publication in a volume of the Academy Proceedings Series.

Deadline Submission of Abstracts: July 20, 2012
Notification of Acceptance: August 20, 2012
Conference: October 10-12, 2012

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