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Introduction to the philosophy of information of Luciano Floridi (in Dutch) and interview with Luciano Floridi (in English) published in the latest issue of the Archievenblad (publication of the Dutch society of archivists).

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Perhaps not a "classic," but at least for me it is the place where I learned that what I was doing already had a name: "The Philosophy of Information".

A not so randomly chosen quote:

As an utterly new and revolutionary technology, databases have raised a number of philosophical issues, some of which can be briefly discussed here, but will need to be analysed in full by any future philosophy of information.

Luciano Floridi - The Fourth Revolution - A Series of Three, Short, Video Lectures for Computerphile, a Youtube Channel
First episode: Hyper History and Cyber War 

Second episode: How Intelligent is Artificial Intelligence? 
Third episode: forthcoming.

  • Considers the influence information and communication technologies (ICTs) are having on our world.
  • Describes some of the latest developments in ICTs and their use in a range of fields.
  • Argues that ICTs have become environmental forces that create and transform our realities.
  • Explores the impact of ICTs in a range of areas, from education and scientific research to social interaction, and even war.
It's out!
L. Floridi The Fourth Revolution: How the Infosphere is Reshaping Human Reality OUP 
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