History and Philosophy of Computing

Call For Papers
HaPoC 3: Third International Conference for the History and Philosophy of Computing
8 -- 11 October, 2015, Pisa

Online Articles: P&T Special issue on History and Philosophy of Computing

Philosophy & Technology will host this year a special issue on History and Philosophy of Computing (G.Primiero, L. De Mol eds.). Three of the articles forthcoming in this issue are already available as Online First:

Book: The Government Machine: A revolutionary history of the computer, by Jon Agar

I have been reading this book by a colleague at UCL, a historian of technology.  It examines the interrelationship between thinking about technology, and the development of the computer, and the organization and reorganization of the UK civil service.  It's a pretty illuminating way of thinking about both issues.  Might be of interest to other philosophers of information.

CfP: Turing in Context II

This meeting is the second Turing in Context event during the 2012 Turing centennial. The first was held at King's College, Cambridge, 18-19 February 2012. It was an outreach event for the general academic public with invited speakers only. Turing in Context II is a research meeting meant for experts in the fields touched by Turing's contributions to science.

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