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"For the next installment in our Philosophy of Science series, we look at issues around data. Sabina Leonelli is a philosopher of information who collaborates with bioinformaticians. In today's interview, she expresses her concerns about the terms Big Data and Open Data."

Acta Biotheoretica

June 2013, Volume 61, Issue 2, pp 203-222
Living is Information Processing: From Molecules to Global Systems
Keith D. Farnsworth, John Nelson, Carlos Gershenson

We extend the concept that life is an informational phenomenon, at every level of organisation, from molecules to the global ecological system. According to this thesis: (a) living is information processing, in which memory is maintained by both molecular states and ecological states as well as the more obvious nucleic acid coding; (b) this information processing has one overall function—to perpetuate itself; and (c) the processing method is filtration (cognition) of, and synthesis of, information at lower levels to appear at higher levels in complex systems (emergence).

Conference: Evolution, Intentionality and Information, University of Bristol, May 29-31 2013

Three-day conference as inaugural event in new ERC project of Samir Okasha's at Bristol: Darwinism and the theory of rational choice.


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