Seventh workshop on the philosophy of information

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Monday 30/03/2015

11.30–12.30: Emma Tobin (UCL): Data in Protein Classification (Keynote)


14.00–14.30: Sabina Leonelli (University of Exeter): Data Journeys: Openness and Shadows

14.30–15.00: Orlin Vakarelov (Duke University): Scientist on the anthill

15.00–15.30: Oliver Marsh (UCL): Le Geek, C’est Clique: Understanding and Representing Science Enthusiasm


16.00–17.00: Rob Kitchin (Mynooth University, Ireland): Big Data, new epistemologies and paradigm shifts (Keynote)

Tuesday 31/03/2015

09.00–10.00: Judith Simon (IT University of Copenhaghen): Approaching Big Data - Relating Epistemology, Ethics & Politics (Keynote)


10.30-11.00: Billy WheelerCausation and Information: What is Transferred?

11.00–11.30: Wolfgang Pietsch (Technische Universität München): Difference-making as a notion of causation for data-intensive science

11.30–12.00: Teresa Scantamburlo (University of Ca' Foscari, Venice): Big Data: the empiricist approach and its philosophical underpinnings

12.00–12.30: Louise Bezuidenhout (University of Exeter): Data Creation and Research Environments: Implications for the Re-Use of Open Data


14.00–14.30: Raj Patel (University of Pennsylvania): Why privacy is not enough: Big Data and predictive analytics

14.30–15.00: Reuben Binns (University of Southampton): Big data, data protection, and epistemic standards

15.00–15.30: Julian Newman (Glasgow Caledonian University): Data Quality Implications of Scientific Software Complexity


16.00–17.00: William Wong (Middlesex University): Liberty and Security: VALCRI - Because we can … should we? (Keynote)